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Vibration Control

Vibrations are unavoidable side effects in technical systems, but they can become a problem wherever something has to be driven, moved or operated in a bumpy environment. Vibrations decrease precision, inhibit faster processes, endanger investments and can put considerable stress on human beings and environment. DetailbildBenefit of professional vibration control: Longer operation time for paper machine The need for higher productivity, precision and reliability is a growing challenge in the value added chain. Therefore, one main task is to avoid vibrations effectively or at least to reduce them. ERAS supports its customers since 15 years with the realization of effective vibration reducing measures in all kinds of applications and industrial branches. Our range of services starts with analysis and consulting via the optimization of existing systems up to development and realization of complete systems for vibration reduction. Whether a re-design, a conventional damper or one of our innovative VibraLock systems for adaptive vibration control is required: ERAS provides you with a custom-fit solution for your problem.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Modular service offer for custom-fit solutions

•  Focussed approach to work and qualified, experienced personnel

•  Consulting, analysis, optimization and complete systems

•  All methods of conventional vibration control

•  Innovative active vibration control with VibraLock

•  Professional partial solutions like sensor systems, Monitoring

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