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Computations and simulations based on FE-models are established processes in many technical fields. The impressive possibilities of this technology often makes us forget that its benefit is evidently dependant from the qualification and experience of its operator. DetailbildFEM technologies for mechanics, dynamics, acoustics or electrical engineeringFor this reason, also regarding FEM technologies ERAS exclusively emphasizes on professional tools and their application by high qualified and experienced personnel. Only with this combination model-based methods can tap their full potential and only then they are worth the money. With this quality standards, ERAS offers professional support e.g. for investigations on structural mechanics and structural dynamics, for fatigue limit investigations or for shell modeling with composites. We also support you with the dimensioning and analysis of acoustic, control or electronic systems as well as with the optimization or reduction of available models.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Professional software tools (Nastran / Ansys)

•  Qualified and experienced personnel

•  Computations for shell modeling and composites

•  Structural mechanics and dynamics, acoustics and electromagnetism

•  Computed fatigue limit analyses

•  Model optimizations and model reductions

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