Vibration Analysis

Whoever has to deal with vibrations often has to do this under the pressure of necessary improvements or even urgent problems. In these situations, the right approach is essential: Only the right approach leads to fast results and saves time and money – besides being stress free in the end. DetailbildEvaluation: Basis for a competent interpretation and precise conclusion The competent analysis of the vibration problem is evident. With this, the necessary awareness to create possible solutions is reached and the technical as well as the economical benefit can be estimated. A measurement is only the first step, the doubtless interpretation of the measurement results and the derivation of concrete conclusions is equally important. ERAS analyses vibrations in all kinds of applications and industrial branches – with all current methods and tools, with high qualified personnel and the expert’s eye for possible solutions. We view ourselves as partner to our customers: we come to conclusions – for you and for your solutions.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Large range of measurement equipment

•  Measurements with digital data recording (up to 64 channels)

•  Professional data evaluation (LMS / LabView / MatLab)

•  Qualified and experienced personnel, focussed approach to work

•  Targeted measurement evaluations with comprehensible reports

•  Creation of customized solutions for measurements and Monitoring systems

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