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Active Interface for Windtunnel Model Cart

The European Transonic Windtunnel ETW in Cologne provides highly professional test facilities for the aerodynamic development of modern airplanes. Turbines with 65 megawatts driving power enable transonic flow speeds with up to 1.35 Mach. detail screen Test set-up with model in the wind tunnel An active interface developed by ERAS enables aircraft manufacturers to carry out measurements on aircraft models at ETW safe and high precisely also under extreme boundary test conditions. The structural resonance of the test set-up consisting of model, measuring device and model cart is excited by the incident flow and vibrations occur at the model as well as at the model cart both dramatically effecting on the measuring precision and the operational safety of the entire test facility. The active interface made by ERAS monitors the testing and automatically prevents the emergence of such problematic vibrations.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Interface for vibration compensation in real-time

•  Reduction of model vibrations in 5 degrees of freedom

•  Integration to the load flow with up to 26.000 N and up to 1.500 Nm

•  Operation from 30 °C to -180 °C (cryogenic atmosphere)

•  Transonic flow tests, speeds up to Mach 1.35

•  Pitch, impact and buffeting tests

•  Interface ∅ 100 mm, hub 20 μm, voltage range 0-200 volts

•  All components and functions fully integrated into the model cart

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