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Active Vibration Isolation at ICE Bogie

Thanks to modern chassis, neither bumpy roads nor driving maneuvers cause notable bumps or vibrations in the interior of today’s passenger cars. The bogie of a high speed train like the German ICE has to cope with similar requirements. detail screenLinear motor actuator at a bogie of a high speed train Since trains are rolling with steel wheels on steel rails, an effective damping of middle and higher frequencies can not be realized by inflated tires like in passenger cars. Some bogies are equipped with an air spring stage for this purpose. Bogies with steel spring stages, which are still often applied due to their great robustness and superior efficiency can hardly make any contribution to prevent the coach from vibrations resulting from the wheel-rail-contact. These vibrations often result in the humming noise recognized by the passengers in the train coach. By order of Deutsche Bahn AG, ERAS has developed an active system which induces anti-vibration into the bogie in parallel to the bogie steel spring system and this significantly reduces the sound transmission from the wheel to the coach.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Active isolation of disturbances resulting from the wheel-rail-contact

•  High efficiency in the problematic frequency range 60 - 200 Hz

•  Significant reduction of humming noise in the coach / passenger compartments

•  Four linear actuators effecting on each bogie

•  High integration level in parallel to the first suspension level

•  Function proved during rail tests at ICE high speed train

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