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Active Torsion Control for Convertibles

Convertibles are especially sensitive beauties: The missing roof dramatically decreases the stiffness of the car body, which results in a longitudinal torsion. detail screenActuators in the vehicle floor replace conventional stiffness struts This special characteristic of convertibles brings along an enormous sensitivity for torsion vibrations, which amongst others can be noticed at the steering wheel and at the rear view mirror. The construction effort to reduce these vibrations by conventional measures is high but still only limited effective. The Active Torsion Control (ATC) system developed by ERAS in cooperation with Wilhelm Karmann GmbH shows the way out: This system is highly integrated into the vehicle floor and with this, the ATC system actively increases the dynamic stiffness of the car body. While driving, hydraulic actuators compensate for disturbing vibrations by exactly calculated compensating motions. The driver will not recognize anything – except for undisturbed driving pleasure.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Integrated hydraulic actuators, operational range 5 – 25 Hz

•  Systemdruck 140 bar, Energie-aufnahme nur ca. 150 Watt

•  Kombinierte Feedback- und adaptive Feed-Forward-Regelung

•  Reduction of the vehicle weight for about 50 kg possible

•  Dynamic stiffness of the car body significantly increased

•  Notably improved comfort and higher driving safety

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