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Suppression of Chatter in Rolling Mills

Chatter is a widespread problem in many kinds of industrial applications. Chatter means unwanted vibrations between tool and work piece, which result in loss of quality and productivity. The chatter phenomenon occurs at different processes of machining, e.g. turning, grinding and rolling. During the rolling of e.g. aluminum bands to sheets or foils chatter occurs if the upperdetail screenActuator on rolling stand and the lower rolls in the roll stand start to swing against each other. The aluminum band cannot be rolled evenly, then - which results in substandard products of uneven thickness.

The ERAS VibraLock® technology offers a revolutionary new way of defeating chatter with its own weapons. Disturbing vibrations are eliminated by exactly calculated counter vibrations, i.e. precisely calculated pressure pulsations at the contact pressure system of the rolls avoid chatter before it can occur. So a loss in productivity and quality can be avoided in a highly efficient way.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Effective and lasting elimination of chatter

•  Adaptive, autonomous function independent from operation mode

•  All components and functions fully integrated into the plant

•  Industry proven VibraLock® technology

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