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Active Vibration Control for Roll Grinding Machines

In sheet processing plants, the process quality is guaranted by high class rolls. Therefore, highest precision during the manufacturing and processing of rolls is evident. For roll grinders this precision is limited by machine dynamics. Mechanical vibrations at the tool- or the work piece side cause unsteady process forces and therewith may cause chattermarks on the roll. detail screenActuator on roll grinding machine By application of the ERAS VibraLock® technology chattermarks at roll grinding become a thing of the past. The Active System reduces any vibrations caused by tools or work pieces. So chattermarks are avoided before they occur.

New possibilities for process optimization open up: Limitations of grinding speed can be overcome, which enables shorter processing times. Moreover, the VibraLock® technology provides new process parameters as additional monitoring system and can be integrated into the automation concept of the entire plant without effort.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Roll grinding with high process quality

•  Innovative actuator systems overcome limitations caused by machine dynamics

•  Active vibration reduction is possible for tool- and work piece side

•  Higher feed rate and higher cutting speed possible

•  Additional process enable monitoring

•  Integration into the automation concept of the entire plant without effort

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