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Active Groove Impulse Reduction for Offset Printing

Each printing method has its characteristics and different printing technologies are available for different applications, but all methods have one thing in common: detail screenVibration excitation during printing process It does not matter if offset or flexo-printing, nor does it matter if sheet fed or reel fed printing: Vibrations do occur during the printing process, for example in flexo-printing due to the overrun of the embossed printing plate or in offset printing due to the pulse. No modern printing machine is able to minimize vibrations as effective as active systems developed by ERAS. In comparison to conventional measures for vibration reduction, active systems not only have an extended and superior mode of action they are also much more flexible when applied. ERAS offers different possibilities and systems for active vibration control in printing machines for more efficiency, higher quality, better availability and an increased productivity.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Different solutions for different printing technologies

•  Sensors, actuators, control concepts for customized solutions

•  Highest degree of systems integration with the ERAS VibraLock Technology

•  Optimized printing processes regarding quality and speed

•  Higher efficiency and customer satisfaction

•  Great variety of monitoring and remote maintenance options

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