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Active Vibration Control for Paper Machines

Paper production at a high quality and efficiency level is quite challenging. In plants up to 300 meters length, wafer-thin fine finished papers with web widths of 12 meters are produced, cut and winded at speeds of far more than 100 km/h. detail screenPaper Finishing Calender (Voith) One of the biggest challenges are the components rotating with high rotation speeds, for example calender rolls, winders or slitter winders. These components are inevitably prone to vibration excitation resulting from the manufacturing process, but they have to work with absolute precision and smoothness to guarantee highest product quality at any time and for any operating condition.

ERAS has developed a variety of efficient solutions for different sub-systems of paper plants each solution as individual as the challenge to cope with. All solutions have one thing in common: They are active, adaptive and autonomous. This means reliable high level vibration control for high level production quality and efficiency.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Vibration compensation up to 1.000 Hz in calenders

•  Vibration compensation around 20 Hz at rollers

•  Different actuators for all vibration paths

•  Discrete actuator forces up to 15.000 N (and a multiple)

•  Full integration of all components and functions in the production plant

•  Longer operation time, typically for a factor 4 concerning calenders

•  Increasing productivity, typically up to 30%

•  Different monitoring and remote maintenance options

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