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Vibration Compensation for Portal Machines

Portal machines like milling machines, welding plants or laser cutting machines (2D or 3D) have to carry out controlled movements with high precision at high speed. detail screenActive vibration control on laser cutting machines This becomes more difficult with increasing distances between fixture / conduction and point of tool contact. The entire set-up is excited in its structural modes by portal movements or excited to vibrations by process forces which can alloy the manufacturing quality. ERAS offers different proven solutions to effectively compensate for the occurring vibrations in portal machines. Active bending compensation for long beams and mandrels or active vibration compensation for axle drives we realize a customized solution for each application in close co-operation with our customers. A laser cutting system may serve as an example for the unrivaled potential of active vibration control: If the active system is switched on, problematic contour courses can be processed at highest speed and at the same time more precise than ever before.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Effective compensation of portal vibrations, for example around 50 Hz

•  Use of available drives for cost-effective solutions

•  Significant improvement of production accuracy

•  Increasing productivity for up to 20% due to faster production

•  All components and functions fully integrated into the machine

•  Different monitoring and remote maintenance options

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