Active Vibration Isolation for heavily loaded Avionics

Aircraft electronics or avionics have to bear extreme loads: A permanently vibrating surrounding and changing quasi-static loads resulting from extreme accelerations during flight maneuvers. The qualification of electronic components for these rough boundary conditions is very costly and time-consuming. detail screenAvionics suspension with adaptive pneumatic shock absorber system for
6 degrees of freedom
Thatís why qualified avionics can not compete with state-of-the-art consumer electronics at its first flight application. So it is necessary to protect the latest electronics from the heavy loads during flight maneuvers in a new and innovative way to receive airworthiness for these components much faster. The active suspension developed by ERAS in co-operation with EADS is the solution. The active suspension isolates avionics components from the enormous vibrations by an adaptive pneumatic shock absorber system in 6 degrees of freedom. An active pressure control enables the pneumatic shock absorber system also under changing flight conditions to always work within the optimum operation range and to assure the maximum vibration isolation at any time.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Active pneumatic shock absorber for vibration isolation in 6 degrees of freedom

•  Adaptive position control up to 10 g (shock load up to 15 g)

•  Isolation from 15 Hz for loads up to 0.4 t. Reduction > 20 dB from 35 Hz

•  System integrated micro electronics, 28 volts DC power supply

•  Pneumatic spring-system with 6 bar, long reaction channels up to +/- 5mm

•  Commercial off-the-shelf components are made airworthy

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