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IDS-Magnum Adaptive Shock Absorber for industrial applications

Shock absorbers for industrial applications are highly specialized components to reduce impact energy at minimum space. detail screen The proven MAGNUM shock absorber: Now available as IDS-MAGNUM For this, the leading shock absorber manufacturer ACE offers the self-adapting shock absorber-series MAGNUM, which guarantees a very constant and effective reduction of impact energy. In co-operation with ERAS, ACE now offers real adaptive shock absorbing. This brand new module is named IDS MAGNUM and is based on the proven advantages of the MAGNUM series. Additionally, IDS-MAGNUM is able to automatically adapt to different absolute impact levels. The triggering is carried out via field bus-systems directly from the machine control, for example based on current production data. As an alternative, a peripheral logic control can carry out the optimum adaptation completely autonomously and only based on sensor data. With this, ERAS and ACE make available real adaptive shock absorbing for industrial applications for the first time.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Based on the proven shock absorbers from the MAGNUM-series

•  Self adaptation for optimized and constant reduction of impact energy

•  Active adaptation of the impact level due to IDS-technology

•  IDS-MAGNUM is available as upgrade for the complete MAGNUM-series

•  Triggering via machine control or sensor data

•  Field bus compatible for CAN Open, Profibus optional via Gateway

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