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Anti-Squealing-System for Disk Brakes

Squealing vehicle brakes are a phenomenon which despite of intensive development work never can be completely avoided, since there are too many different operation conditions which vehicles have to undergo day by day. ERAS has developed a system which for the first time enables breaking without squeal noise and this is completely independent from the operating conditions – both permanent and fully automatic. detail screenVibraLock Technology in brake system – applicable for all current piston types The Anti-Squealing-System continuously monitors the operation of the brake and automatically intervenes without delay as soon as self-excited vibrations occur. The system works completely autonomous in the background and does not effect on the braking process itself which allows maximum safety combined with highest possible comfort and protection of the environment. Also for the break development the Anti-Squealing-System opens up new possibilities. The degree of system utilization during the braking process can directly be used as quality measure for new brake developments: The less the system is used, the lower is the sensitivity for unwanted squeal noise of the new developed brake. The Anti-Squealing-System has been developed in co-operation with the Chassis & Safety department of Continental AG. Continental, one of the world’s leading suppliers for automotive engineering will apply the system in the NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) optimization of brake systems.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Automatic compensation of brake squeal noise in real-time

•  Broadband feedback control with 20 kHz sampling rate

•  Efficiency up to 7.000 Hz → no audible squeal noise any more

•  Piezohydraulic actuators in brake cylinder, sensors in brake caliper

•  All components outside of abrasion endangered sections

•  Power consumption below 1 W, actuator temperature below 80 °C

•  Control parameters can be used as indicators for the brake quality

•  Ideal tool for brake development

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