Active Vibration Reduction for Ambulance Transport

Ambulance transport has to deal with opposing requirements: On one hand side, the patient shall reach the hospital as fast as possible. detail screenActive isolation device for ambulance transport: More protection for infants and adult patients On the other hand side, the fast transport must not become dangerous for the patient. But up today, exactly this still happens far too often. Especially premature infants are endangered to be injured severely or to receive transport traumata due to shocks caused by bumpy roads. Conventional ambulance vehicles can not handle the above mentioned opposing requirements, because a patient-friendly smooth suspension does not allow a safe and fast ride to the hospital. The active isolation device for ambulance transport developed by ERAS shows the way out: The stretcher carrying the patient is connected to the vehicle floor via an active vibration isolation system. This active system prevents patients from shocks and vibrations during transport to a large extent and is automatic, intelligent and far more efficient than all conventional suspensions.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Reduction of vibration impact for up to 96%

•  Significantly higher safety for patients during rescue transport

•  Decreasing risk for severe transport traumata

•  Systems for emergency ambulances and mobile intensive care units for premature infants

•  Full compatibility with 12 volts vehicle electronics

•  Technology tested and proven in hundreds of rescue transports

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