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Intelligent Anti-Noise Exhaust Silencer

Conventional exhaust silencers are real individualists: For each motor, each vehicle type or even each single exhaust system an individual solution has to be found, which under all operation conditions keeps the required noise emission limits and especially important for application in vehicles guarantees the desired sound. detail screenAnti-noise systems are available for large engines (picture above) and for passenger cars Especially for the damping of middle and low frequencies, the effort of conventional passive exhaust silencers regarding space, weight and complexity is enormous. In contrast to this great effort, there is a rapidly increasing need for small lightweight solutions especially in vehicle manufacturing. In future, this means for exhaust silencers: Less sheet metal, more intelligence. In the active exhaust silencer developed by ERAS, the conventional metal pots are replaced by intelligent technology which monitors the acoustic exhaust situation in real time and reduces noise by means of anti-noise. The system is self-adapting to changing operation conditions and with this stays effective any time no matter if applied in passenger cars, trains, ships or trucks or if applied in stationary plants.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Innovative active exhaust silencer with oscillating flap in the exhaust tract

•  Higher efficiency at smaller required space / volume in the exhaust system

•  Combination with conventional exhaust silencers possible

•  Self-learning adaptation to different loads and rotational speeds

•  Targeted lowering of frequency ranges (engine orders)

•  Replaces big and heavy exhaust silencers for lower frequencies

•  Optimization of counter pressure for the respective operation point

•  Option for sound-design via integrated control

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