The Measuring Adapter highly integrated and custom-designed

The online recording of quality-related process parameters during the manufacturing process and the use of the resulting data for process control still is more wishful thinking than reality in many fields of industrial manufacturing. detail screenMeasuring Adapter for rotating manufacturing systems with HSK-100 Adapter As expert for development and realization of integrated sensor systems and embedded control solutions, ERAS has all prerequisites to provide you with a reliable and customized monitoring or process control solution for your application. An impressing example is the friction stir welding. A customized adapter for this application developed by ERAS records occurring forces and moments directly at the contact point of the tool and delivers edited quality-related data in real-time to the machine control. With this, a safety in process control can be reached which would not be possible or at least not efficient with conventional quality control. We are ready to adapt our technology to new challenges, for example to discover new capacity ranges for your applications.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Systems for online recording of process parameters

•  Flexible adapter technology with customized design

•  High resolution and high definition at measurements of forces and moments

•  Mechanical integration without limitation of functions

•  Professional signal transfer with highest possible interference resistance

•  Monitoring, automation and control options

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