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VibraAmp - Digital High-power Amplifier

As experts concerning active solutions for vibration control ERAS often has to deal with technical systems for which disposable solutions are not good enough. DetailbildCompact amplifier for ambitious tasks ERAS does not compromise with these situations – we then develop an appropriate solution ourselves. This way, VibraAmp has been developed as a digital high-power amplifier especially for dynamic applications. VibraAmp is customized for the high demands which occur during the dynamic operation of capacitive loads under high voltage. For example, VibraAmp is ideal for the triggering of piezoceramic actuators. But that’s not all: VibraAmp also is small, flexible and extra energy-efficient. In short it is a specialist for a special technology. VibraAmp is only one element of a multitude of elements constituting our VibraLock technology – the technology ERAS uses to create active solutions for 'Embedded Vibration Control’.

Facts and Figures in brief

•  Digital high-power amplifier, voltage range up to 600 volts

•  Compact design (14TE), compatible with 19” housings

•  Short-circuit proof, temperature controlled, overvoltage proof

•  Highest efficiency (92%) by energy recovery

•  Ideal for dynamic operation of capacitive loads (piezoceramics)

•  Efficient long-term capacity 1.0 kW (max. capacity up to 1.7 kW)

•  Broad spectrum and minimum ripple (40 kHz frequency)

•  External set-point setting and optional integrated signal generator

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