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Chronological List of Publications in English

In the following you will find our English publications in chronological order, starting with the latest publication.


Cloud-based FEM simulations - an opportunity for SME

Schmitz, S.; Ickler, A.

ITI Symposium

Dresden, 2014


Services for Numerical Simulations and Optimizations in Grids

Limmer, S.; Schneider, A.; Schmitz, S. et al.

International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing

Waknaghat, 2012


Operation-proven active mount for marine and alike applications

Siebald, H.; Klötzer, P.; Kurth, D.

Adaptronic Congress

Berlin, 2011


Active Exhaust Noise Reduction for Large Diesel Engines

Weihe, U.; Klötzer, P.

Adaptronic Congress

Berlin, 2009

Monitoring Solution using Adaptronic Skills for a Manufacturing System in Aircraft Industry

Walz, G.; Ickler, A.

Adaptronic Congress

Berlin, 2009


Adaptive System for Vibration Compensation in Manufacturing Plants

Gnauert, U.; van Haag, R.

Adaptronic Congress

Berlin, 2008

Investigations on the attenuation of squeal noise from a resilient railway wheel by means of piezo-actuators

Fehren, H.; Schiedewitz, M.; Siebald, H.; Cigada, A.; Manzoni, S.; Redaelli, M.

Int. Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering

Leuven, 2008.


Different Techniques for Active and Passive Noise Cancellation at Powertrain Oil Pan

Wimmel, R.; Fehren, H.; Schiedewitz, M.; Siebald, H.; Naake, A. et al.

Adaptronic Congress

Göttingen, 2007.

Active Car Brake System for Squeal Suppression Based on Piezohydraulic Actuation

Waldschmidt, A.

Adaptronic Congress

Göttingen, 2007.


Adaptive System Enabling High Speed Precision Measurements for Production Quality Control

Gnauert, U.; Beutler, A.; Waldschmidt, A.; Kohlrautz, D.; Hägele-Görlitz, J.

Adaptronic Congress

Göttingen, 2006.

Active Noise Control ANC for Car Exhaust Systems

Siebald, H.; Venghaus, H.; Gnauert, U.; Kohlrautz, D.; Wenzel, M.

Adaptronic Congress

Göttingen, 2006.


Active electronic equipment 6 dof suspension for high loads as vibration, shock and quasi static forces

Wimmel, R.

European Conference on Spacecraft Structures

Noordwijk, 2005.


Optimized System Dynamics by Smart Structures - Application Examples

Wimmel, R.

International Conference on adaptive Structures and Technologies (ICAST)

Potsdam, 2002.


Validation Testing with the Active Damping System in the European Transonic Wind Tunnel

Fehren, H.; Gnauert, U.; Wimmel, R.; Hefer, G.; Schimanski, D.

39th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit

Adaptronic Congress

Reno (Nevada) 2001


Active Vibration Reduction for Rotating Rolls

Fehren, H. et al.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 2000.

Active Isolation Device for Ambulance Transport

Gnauert, U. et al.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 2000.


Industrial Application of Adaptronics

Wimmel, R.


München, 1999.


A Novel Vibration-Isolation System for MIPAS-STR

Breitbach, H.; Fehren, H.; Holst, M.; Sartorius, C.; Piesch, C.

Proceedings of the Third International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition

Copenhagen, 1997.


Piezoactuators in multifunctional interface elements for high load applications

Breitbach, E.; Gnauert, U.; Holst, M.; Wimmel, R.


Bremen, 1996.

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