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Active Vibration Reduction for Rotating Rolls

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Active Vibration Reduction for Rotating Rolls


Fehren, H.; Gnauert, U.; Grabow, F.; Siebald, H.; Wenzel, M.; Wimmel, R. et al.


International Congress on Sound and Vibration. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 2000.


For high gloss paper production the paper is coated by processing a steel cylinder against a paint transporting elastomer covered cylinder. At typical working conditions a vibration excitation can be observed which is caused by the contact of the rolls with the paper in between. This contact vibration is known as barring.

ERAS performed barring measurements at several production machines. A downsized test stand was designed and manufactured showing almost the same vibration characteristics as the production machine due to barring.

Using the results of these preliminary examinations, ERAS developed, designed and manufactured an adaptive system for production machines which can completely suppress barring under all working conditions. This adaptive system has been successfully operated for a period of more than two years now.

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