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Active Isolation Device for Ambulance Transport

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Active Isolation Device for Ambulance Transport


Gnauert, U.; Kohlrautz, D.; Wenzel, M.; Wimmel, R.


International Congress on Sound and Vibration. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 2000.


During rescue transport road roughness causes vibrations to the patient which may lead to further dangerous injuries due to the already worse health condition of the patient.

Up to now, additional isolation systems inside the rescue vehicles were designed as passive spring damper systems with low stiffness. The damping necessary to reduce the large response in resonance leads to a drastically loss in isolation performance. With the adaptive isolation system developed by ERAS the large response in resonance is actively reduced below 5 dB, providing the advantage of a maximum isolation at the same time. Adaptive isolation systems are already operated in so called baby-ambulances. The goal is a market introduction for general purpose ambulances.

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