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Piezoactuators in multifunctional interface elements for high load applications

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Piezoactuators in multifunctional interface elements for high load applications


Breitbach, E.; Gnauert, U.; Holst, M.; Wimmel, R.


Bremen, 1996.


In many applications there is a need for multifunctional interface elements having the task to reduce vibrations or to isolate structures from vibrations and to withstand in parallel high static loads.

Piezoceramics are known as a material class of high compressive strength but very low tensile and shear strength. Therefore piezoceramics cannot be used in the same way as conventional construction materials. New design principles are necessary to apply piezoceramics in technical problems. Multifunctional interface elements on the basis of piezoactuators have been developed. For example a ring element with a diameter of 10 cm and a thickness of 5 cm is able to withstand axial loads up to 500 kN and transversal loads up to 10 kN.

The capability of these new multifunctional interface elements opens a wide variety of possible applications.

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