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Operation-proven active mount for marine and alike applications

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Operation-proven active mount for marine and alike applications


Siebald, H.; Klötzer, P.; Kurth, D.


Adaptronic Congress. Darmstadt, 2011.


It is widely known, that - wherever installed - combustion engines do significantly contribute to the overall level of structure born noise in their environment. Especially for marine applications, great efforts have to be made to reduce vibrations induced to the ship structure by high power combustion engines.

Conventional passive methods more and more often turn out to be incapable providing vibration reduction sufficiently to meet existing or upcoming emission limits (e. g. specified by the IMOi). One promising answer to this challenge is the enhancement of existing passive mount technology by active systems. By order of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, ERAS has developed and realized an active motor mount system for the reduction of engine induced vibrations in marine applications. The system was successfully tested under real operating conditions on a ferry boat.

The application and the overall concept of the active system will be described and all new components like the specific actuator system will be presented. The outcome of the operating tests will show the use of active mount technology and serve as a basis for some general considerations focusing on different active mount concepts for different applications.

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