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Active Exhaust Noise Reduction for Large Diesel Engines

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Active Exhaust Noise Reduction for Large Diesel Engines


Weihe, U.; Klötzer, P.


Adaptronic Congress. Berlin, 2009.


The awareness of health and ecological relevance of any emission continuously grows both in public and in policy. In addition to the discussion on air pollutants and particulate emissions, the issue of noise pollution has become a topic of equal importance. Currently, under a new EU directive, concrete steps to reduce the noise emission are required and future noise limit values are accordingly hard defined. On the other hand, diesel engines become increasingly powerful, which leads to higher emissions. A technical consequence is the increasing space of future exhaust systems. In most applications, however, no additional space is available, so it is not possible to increase their volume. A simple reduction of the component�s volume is also impossible, because their effectiveness is directly linked to a certain volume. So, different components are in competition for the available installation space, which is not consistent to the achievement of an overall emission reduction. For these problems innovative approaches are needed to integrate emission reducing functionality of modern exhaust systems on reduced space. To meet this challenge Weihe GmbH and ERAS GmbH concluded a partnership to compensate the dramatically rising space by developing a new generation of exhaust silencers with the same or improved effectiveness and significantly less space requirement. The aim and ambition with respect to such future silencers for diesel engines is to provide the necessary attenuation in the dominant low frequency range. Currently, the only apparent technology with a potential to provide a solution to the problem, is an active silencer. In some applications active silencers are already used. But, the conversion of elsewhere viable solutions fails, because of the extremely difficult operating conditions for exhaust systems in large diesel engines. These include, for example, large pipe diameters (up to DN 1000), exhaust gas temperatures up to 600�C, chemically extremely aggressive condensate and different allowable backpressures. It is therefore necessary to develop new solutions, based on the existing experience.

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