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Adaptive System for Vibration Compensation in Manufacturing Plants

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Adaptive System for Vibration Compensation in Manufacturing Plants


Gnauert, U.; van Haag, R.


Adaptronic Congress. Berlin, 2008.


Modern manufacturing plants are characterised by increasing production speed and higher throughput. The raise of the throughput is reached by enlarging the production facilities which normally results in decreasing system eigenfrequencies. The higher production speed causes stronger excitation of these eigenfrequencies. By this, plants become increasingly prone to vibrations, even when the preceding plant worked without any disturbances. The occurring vibrations only allow a production with lower quality or a breakdown of the manufacturing plant in the worst case. Also additional service downtimes respectively shorter service intervals may occur which results in a loss of production.

Adaptive systems basically offer the new approach to compensate for vibrations actively, i.e. by controlled application of vibrations. At present, adaptive systems are able to compete with classical remedies regarding production quality and efficiency. This presentation describes the potential of adaptive systems for vibration compensation and exemplarily shows the realisation of an adaptive system for a specific paper machine. For this machine the disturbing vibrations are in the high frequency range of about 700 Hz. Distributed piezoceramic actuators within the roll are applied to counteract the complicated vibration modes.

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