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Adaptive System Enabling High Speed Precision Measurements for Production Quality Control

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Adaptive System Enabling High Speed Precision Measurements for Production Quality Control


Gnauert, U.; Beutler, A.; Waldschmidt, A.; Kohlrautz, D.; Hägele-Görlitz, J.


Adaptronic Congress. Göttingen, 2006.


In the quality assurance of industrial processes an important parameter to be checked is the roundness of a work piece. In the roundness measuring process, the surface of the rotating work piece is scanned by a sensing device. For the rotation of the work piece, a high precision rotational axis is used.

A fundamental demand of industry is the reduction of the process time, which also applies for the measuring process. Thus, the manufacturer of measuring instruments, e.g. Mahr GmbH, is requested to increase the measuring speed. In case of form testers, which are able to perform the roundness measurements, Mahr GmbH wants to increase the rotational frequency drastically. In the period of time, which so far was needed to perform a measurement of just one sectional plane of the work piece, a two dimensional measurement of the whole surface of the work piece should be performed.

Unfortunately, increasing the rotational frequency of the axis is dramatically reducing the quality of the roundness measurement because of increasing vibrations in the system. In order to overcome this drawback, ERAS GmbH developed an active vibration reduction system. A four-channelcontrol system including piezo ceramic actuators and amplifiers, acceleration sensors and control hardware is integrated in the rotational axis. The active system allows to perform high measuring velocities with the required measuring accuracy.

This presentation shows the whole development chain from the definition of the problem up to the solution for the vibration control system used in series production.

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